The Northern Virginia Irish Session

Tune Teaching Sessions

In our tune teaching session, the leader spends the first hour teaching a common session tune phrase by phrase.  To facilitate learning, we distribute a CD to everyone who comes to session with recordings of all the tunes for the year.  We also provide sheet music to help people who are more visually oriented, but our goal is to play without sheet music and, if possible, learn by ear.  In the second hour of the session, we go around the room letting people pick tunes to play.  We will play as slowly as desired, and this is a great time to practice tunes that you are still mastering. The teaching session is open to anyone with basic mastery of their instrument -- including children.

Our tune teaching sessions meet the first Saturday of every month (except during the summer) from 10-12 AM at Green Acres School

The planned tunes for 2010-2011 are:

Date Teacher Tune ABC Sheet Music MP3
10/2 Steve Wilson Pull the Knife (jig)      
11/6 Mike Schaeffer   Rollicking Boys of Tandernagee  Jig      
12/4 Howard Rhile Pigeon on the Gate (reel)   Pigeon Sheet Music Pigeon MP3
Kevin Burke
1/8 Liz Cronauer Reel of Mullinvat (reel)       
2/5 Jim Langley The Peeler and the Goat (jig)       
3/5 Scott Turner TBD       
4/2 Claudette Sikora Controversial Reel      
5/7 TBD TBD