The Northern Virginia Irish Session

Session Tunes



Most  of the tunes we play in our session are bog standard, but like any session we occasionally take a fancy to some lesser known tune.  This page provides sheet music and (where possible) sound files for some of those tunes.
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Evit Gabriel

This a Breton reel that Clara brought to the session.  It's written by Daniel Thonon ("the master of the French diatonic accordion" -- I kid you not) presumably for his son Gabriel.  We normally play it at a pretty leisurely pace.
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Snowy Path

This is a lyrical slip jig by the notable Irish band Altan.  It can be heard on their CD Harvest Storm.  We normally play it in a set between "A Fig for a Kiss" and "The Butterfly." 
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The Wedding Reel (MacLeod's Farewell)

Steve Wilson brought this reel to the session.  It is the first tune in Lunasa's "Morning Nightcap" set on their CD The Merry Sisters of Fate.  Lunasa called it "The Wedding Reel" on their CD, but it is actually titled "MacLeod's Farewell" and was written by Donald Shaw.  (Who reportedly "rapped them on the knuckles" for getting that wrong!)
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